Benefits of the Blu Room

Isolation & Music Benefits

The serenity of the Blu Room is contributed to by the isolation from the outside world. When you walk thru the door you can leave the world behind. The Music is designed to add to your relaxation and help integrate the Blu Room experience into your body, mind & spirit.

Sacred Geometry & UV-B Light Benefits

The Octagon form of the Blu Room incorporates Sacred Geometry into your experience. The octagon is aligned with the Earth's Magnetic Field which helps set up a resonance between you and the Earth. Your connection to the Earth is calming and healing as a result of the magnetic resonance.

The specific frequency of the UV-B light is the frequency which stimulates the production of Vitamin D in your body. Yes, our bodies photosynthesize Vitamin D. When the body produces Vitamin D, it first of all, stimulates and nourishes the immune system. This enhances the capability of your body to heal itself. Then the Vitamin D goes on to regulate your mood and nourish your bones and joints. Vitamin D provides other benefits as well.

Clients Report These Benefits

Deep Relaxation

Improved Energy

Reduced Physical Pain

Faster Healing Time

Increased Vitamin D

Relieve Stress & PTSD

Mobile Blu Room Debuts in Las Vegas - KTNV

Check out a Mobile Blu Room in Las Vegas at the Venetian/Palazzo 2019 World Congress for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. This video provided by KTNV includes interviews with Dr. Matthew Martinez the creator of the Blu Room and with people who are experiencing the Blu Room for the first time.

2020 Promos

Retreat in Hawaii at Buddha's Sanctuary


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Blu Room Infused Coffees


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